My daily experiences… by Terra Noble

By Terra Noble

Before going further I would like to tell you, briefly, the story of my life. Of course it will be my side of view, not so sure my owner’s view!

experiences_2On 1994 I was just a lot on top of the mountain in Puerto Vallarta, with no more than a dirt road to get to me from the down town area… I was really contempt just being so wild and in such a wonderful location!… The best in Puerto Vallarta!

But… one day, Jorge Rubio (my owner) provoke himself a dream, he wanted to know what to do with me. He feed his subconscious of all the things and expertise he had, including his holistic concerns!. so, the result was ME, he built a place to share, where everybody can find joy and peace, and the answer to all their intimate concerns. An holistic place were you can heal your mind, soul and spirit with the different therapies, seminars or ceremonies that will be performed here, in me as I am… a magic location on top of Puerto Vallarta!

I have been the location for several seminars, conferences, TV shows, weddings and Gala diners, and I hope to be witness of many more important events in Vallarta. It is my ultimate desire.

I could go on telling you the best moments of my past, but instead, I prefer to tell you my daily experiences from now on (great tool this internet blog!).

< Terra Noble, March 17th, 2013  11 PM >

experiences_1It’s so quiet up here…. The view of Banderas Bay at night all along the town, is incredibly beautiful!

Today was a wonderful day, full of people from the Landmark Group. They come each year since 1999 and each time we have nice and new experiences his guests and us share. Beautiful people, eager to know our culture and always learning something from it.

The Temazcall is always one of the highlights. So are our therapists of the SPA area, so professionals and attentive.

Today my experience with the people of Landmark Group was very satisfactory!, I got to hear some of the people life stories and how they have been able to understand a special episode of their lives after they participate in the Temazcall, so touchy it was!, I realized how special are all of us, each one of us. And how certain it is that we all form part of each other!


Terra Noble, March 21th, 2013 at 11 PM



This early morning, as soon as the sun rose behind the mountains and the first rays warmed my earth, I knew it would be a special day for my friends and me…. Even though Jorge is not here, I was sure Sitara and Flor will manage to make my day on my 19thAnniversary !

Each year they invite all my friends to a beautiful event, with a different theme each time, so the activities for the day are designed in accordance to it. The highlight of the day is always the Spring Equinox Ceremony. This morning I was so excited to see what would it be this year !

Soon all the staff was moving around me, until they left me all decorated and ready to receive my friends.

Pre ceremonia

There were artists, alternative therapists, yoga teachers, music, dancers, etc. All of them giving their best performance to celebrate the blessings of Mother Earth and I enjoyed every minute of it !

The Equinox Ceremony was as beautiful as always, all the guests participated with a profound sense of unity and I felt so grateful to the Universe for letting me be a part of it !

Terra Noble
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