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This article was specially made for our site, from one of our more enthusiastic brides, Susan Kramer from New York City…


We planned our wedding in Puerto Vallarta because we know it is a romantic destination for a wedding or an anniversary, it has all the modern facilities for your wedding regardless the size of it. It also appears to us as the only Mexican resort that still keeps its small town flavor and magic. 

As soon as we choose Vallarta, someone told us about Terra Noble and it really helped us decide to have our wedding in Vallarta … we still didn’t know if we wanted to have a legal  wedding over there … we would have to spend time in all legal documentation, such as Passport, Tourist card or entry permission,  Birth certificate translated into Spanish by a certified translator, Prenuptial medical exam that includes blood-type and all must be performed in Mexico

To avoid all this, we decided we can always get married in our home town and just do the romantic wedding ceremony in Vallarta.

And for this, the perfect setting was Terra Noble !


Let me tell you, a wedding at Terra Noble is as unforgettable as it should be, the surroundings, the setting, the view, the whole atmosphere is magical.

Its location on top of the mountain, the highest point of down town just 5 minutes from the Malecon, makes it accessible for everybody and offers you a spectacular backdrop sunset and a wonderful view of Banderas Bay

In Terra Noble we found the best service purveyors we needed, from wedding planner, to catering service, furniture, equipment, waiters, DJ, photographers, floral table arrangements, etc.

Terra Noble provided us a Shaman that married us in a very spiritual ceremony and was the highlight of the wedding for our guests.

An on-site wedding coordinator helped us through all the organization so we didn’t have to rush the suppliers. No matter how sophisticated things we asked for our wedding, we had them all, Terra Noble helped us create our unforgettable dream wedding.


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