• 1ST PART:

Visit to villa Kenya, a totally hand sculpted unique house, built with adobe and indigenous materials from the area. Featured in Architectural Digest July ’96. . Participants will see how to make adobe bricks, creating in them ecological awareness (approximately 30 minutes).

The main characteristic of our art workshops is to make the people feel they have come to a relaxing and creative place!



Participants will be supplied with clay and they will have the opportunity to create their own art piece. This is an invitation to explore and enjoy the divine creativity that flows through the human spirit in very special moments. Surrounded by the silence of the ancient mountains, participants will be inspired to create and to feel at one with existence. They will be able to take home their art piece or participate in a collective on-going project.  (It lasts approximately 2 hours. We have capacity for 40 pax).

PAINTING WORKSHOP. Participants will be supplied with all materials. Where they will enjoy the art of playing with colors using acrylic paints on different clay objects, such as tiles and plates. During this workshop, participants will experience the real function of art, which is the feeling of a deep communion with nature. They can take home their art piece. (It lasts approximately 2 hours. We have capacity for 40 pax).

SOUL STICK WORKSHOP. In this workshop, to create their soul sticks, participants will use various indigenous themes such as beginnings and endings, light and dark, growth, abundance and desire. The material used will vary from drift woods, beads, colored twine, feathers, copper wire, etc., symbolizing their desires, hopes and dreams.

  • 3RD PART:

After fulfilling the spiritual and creative longings of the participants in that moment , we will satisfy their body needs with our delicious pre-Hispanic buffet lunch , which includes : mixed salad, Mexican rice , Aztecas mushrooms , cactus salad , hand made corn tortillas, etc . With the flavor of home made cooking……..yumm!!!!

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