Jorge Rubio

Jorge Rubio

Was built 20 years ago on top of the hills in Puerto Vallarta. A private paradise with breathtaking views of Banderas Bay (Bahi­a de Banderas) for our clients personal enjoyment. We combined creative skills in architecture, mixed with tropical plants & trees, local natural materials & took our spa to a level of rustic opulence.

Sense the magic of the rainforest with its mystery and allure. Start your Pure Jungle Spa experience by soaking your feet in an aromatic infusion of flowers and botanical herbs in a hand-hammered copper basin, while you sip our signature jungle elixir.

During Your treatment, you’ll smell exotic scents, feel the tropical oils massaged into your body and hear the rhythms of birds and breeze. After your treatment, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, fresh coconut water from a young coconut or a piece of organic chocolate.

The spa, as well as the actual treatments, has the aura of artisans at work. Terra Noble treatments incorporate only fresh, natural ingredients.


  • Aztec Steam Bath, TEMAZCALLI

It is an ancient ceremony performed even until today, by several Indian tribes from Central and North America. The Aztec word for sweat lodge is Temazcal.

The Temazcalli Ceremony has a magic purpose. It represents our mother´s natural abdomen (that explains the semi-spherical form of this particular form of steam bath), from which you will emerge as wet and purified as when you were born. It is a spiritual healing ceremony where you worship mother earth and its fertility, getting in touch with the natural elements of fire, water, air and earth and the natural kingdoms of plants, minerals, animals, humans and spirits.  Medicine plants such as sage and rosemary are used in this ritual, with the accompaniment of drums and chants. (It lasts approximately 2 hours, capacity : 10 pax).

  • Massages

Sooth and heal your body´s energy, while seeing breathtaking views of the bay.

  • Body treatments

In this area a person can customize her/his treatments according needs of the day.  Mineral salts or clay are the elements used for this exhilarating experience. (They last approximately 70 minutes, capacity  5 pax).

  • Holistic and Polarity Treatments

With these sessions you can expand your energy towards the universal energy, creating an abundance of love, strength and balance in your spirit, mind and body.

  • Aroma Therapeutic Massage (70 minutes)

Soothing lymph-stimulating and acupressure massage techniques create this ultimately gentle massage developed to improve general circulation, elimination of toxins and relaxation of tired, tense muscles. Personalized to suit your specific needs.

  • Relaxing Massage (60 minutes)

Based on the Swedish techniques in which we use special oils with relaxing properties.

  • Reflexology (60 minutes)

A wonderful foot massage based on the principle of reflex points that correspond to body organs. By stimulating these reflexes tension is reduced all over the body.

  • Zen Shiatsu Massage (70 minutes)

Oriental massage which mainly energizes.  It uses pressure and stretching techniques in order to obtain a release of blocked energy in the body, which relieves physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

  • Salt Body-Scrub (60 minutes)

An invigorating scrub with sea salts that refines the surface of skin by exfoliating dead cells, stimulating circulation and leaving your skin soft and smooth. This treatment ends with 10 minutes massage with essential oils.

  • Body-Clay Treatment (60 minutes)

Total body application of clay, leaving the skin renewed and smooth. This treatment has an anti-inflammatory effect, antiseptic agent, absorbs body heat, restores skin mineral balance and helps to detoxify the body. It ends with a ten minutes hydrating massage.

  • Avant-Garde Facial

Besides having a complete specific treatment for your kind of skin, in this facial it is convenient to emphasize the importance of the lymphatic drainage massage, since it releases toxins and dead cells from the cutaneous system.

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* Insurance Coverage:
is insured with Seguros Inbursa de Mexico. We are covered against accidents incurred during tours (except nature walks), thefts, earthquakes and fire inside our property.

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